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Tulum's natural wealth and ancient history combine to create a region of unsurpassed beauty and adventure. Relax in the endless sun and cool breeze of Zebra Tulum's remote beach. Siesta under the trees in a swinging hammock, icy drink in hand. Or, with nothing more than a moment's notice you can be swimming amongst pristine corral reef, exploring ancient ruins, or even diving in Tulum's vast network of underground rivers.

Enjoy the Sun and Waves
Zebra Tulum is set directly upon the wide, clean beaches of the Yucatan's Caribbean coast. Wade and swim in the warm, green waters, silky sand oozing through your toes. Spend the day watching pelicans swoop and dive into the roiling turf, or perfect your tan on sands continually cool to the touch. Wake up early to watch the sun rise out of the distant horizon, or go to bed late under a brilliant full moon. Whatever your dream, live it on the beaches of Zebra Tulum.
Study Ancient Mayan Ruins
Built by Mayans over six hundred years ago, Zama faces the dawn's light, the sunrise for which this ancient city was named. Located on cliffs directly above the ocean surf, these Mayan ruins offer spectacular views of temples once host to fantastic religious ceremonies and opulent lords. Walk the grounds and climb the walls of this incredible relic of ancient MesoAmerica, a preserved treasure set amongst coastal jungle.
Swim in Freshwater Cenotes
Due to the unique geological composition of the Yucatan, the jungle wilderness is filled with underground pools of fresh water. These pools, often only accessible by stairs or even ladders, offer the adventurous an opportunity to cool off with a private dip in crystal-clear subterranean waters.
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